Win a free package of PR support and take pride of place in the NWEDR 2019 Calendar competition (Deadline Friday 25th May 2018)

Date Issued: Wednesday 18 April 2018

Win a free package of PR support and take pride of place in the NWEDR 2019 Calendar competition

North Worcestershire businesses large and small are invited to enter a competition to win a free package of PR support including a feature in the “Celebrating North Worcestershire” 2019 calendar.

To enter the ‘Natural Environment for Business’ competition, businesses across North Worcestershire are asked to put into 50 words why they think the area is the natural environment for their business.

The competition has been organised by North Worcestershire Economic Development and Regeneration (NWedR) with NWBL – the North Worcestershire Business Leaders network group who meet at Hogarth’s Stone Manor each month.

The organisers will select 12 winning entries. These businesses will be interviewed by Jane Doyle from NWedR and have a photoshoot with professional photographer Terry Livesey, one of the North Worcestershire Ambassadors, to tell the story of the company and what it does.

Jane Doyle, Communications and Engagement Officer for NWedR said;
“We have joined with North Worcestershire Business Leaders to organise this competition to highlight what a great place North Worcestershire is to do business. The area has so much to offer whether you are a small or large business or if you provide goods or services. Our organisations along with the North Worcestershire Ambassadors are committed to giving businesses in the area a voice, and we thought this was a creative and visual way to showcase this.”

Melanie Hawkett who founded and runs North Worcestershire Business Leaders group said;
“We urge businesses across the area to enter this competition to have the chance of winning a package of PR support. Don’t be shy – be loud and proud of what you do and help us share your pride of place in North Worcestershire too!”

Winning stories and photographs will be featured have pride of place in the ‘Celebrating the natural environment for Business 2019 calendar’. The winning companies will also be featured on the NWedR and NWBL websites, headline in the NWedR newsletter and have an opportunity to present their business at a NWBL gathering and at the annual flagship NWedR conference to be held in November.

North Worcestershire business leaders, please send entry with submission with ‘Natural Environment for Business’ competition in the subject title to Please say in no more than 50 words why you think North Worcestershire is the natural environment for business. The competition is closed for entries at midnight on Friday 25 May 2018. Winners will be announced in mid-June.

Terry Livesey
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