What do you do when birds shit on the windows, doctors park their cars, contractors don’t remove signs and people watch you …

Now can I just say before we get started that there is NO WAY I would be getting up a ladder to clean the windows! Just saying, it’s bloody high on that first step of the ladder you know. Now that we have got that out of the way….

Getting that all-important shot for the front of your brochure can be a tricky thing when you employ a professional photographer. Mainly because, depending on the type of shot (for example: buildings in public spaces – where you’re not in control of all the factors), you don’t want to pay them to just sit around and wait for the perfect moment and let’s face it, the perfect moment is always the moment that just passed (when you weren’t ready for it). Luckily for you, editing comes into play in this modern day of technology and things like people, cars, etc can be removed to give you your perfect image, although there is no substitute for great lighting!

Below is a ‘before and after’ editing of a building in Worcester and if you move the slider across the image you will see how I’ve managed to rebuild parts of the building to give a perfect, uncluttered view. Additionally, the most important thing about this picture is that it was taken in great light.

If you would like cover shot photos done of your premises then give me a call and we can talk about how I can help your marketing stand out.

Terry Livesey
DT Studios Visual Marketing ● Advertising, Product and Commercial Photography and Videography based in the Midlands.
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