A day with the RPS – “it’s all about knowledge”

So being a member of the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) means that not only are you are part of a prestigious organisation but you also get to be inspired by your peers. Last weekend I had booked to listen to a day of talks from some of the worlds best photographers covering a multitude of disciplines. No matter what field of work you are in, there is always room for improvement and certainly room to be inspired. Being inspired drives improvement and listing to these speakers I walked away realising that I had room for improvement but more importantly than that, I was inspired to make that improvement.

Tim Flack

Tim’s passion for creating animal portraiture which shows a personality is so inspiring, it’s hard enough to get a human to show a personality and you can talk to them but his images all had the animals speaking to you without saying anything. Defining a subject and choosing niche has brought him worldwide acclaim and it’s well deserved.

David Clapp

Architectural photography can be inspiring and can also make you stand out from the crowd. David was very honest and open about where he came from and how he made it in the field of architectural photography. Apart from his stunning shots he made it seem like it was so effortless and from experience I know that isn’t the case but when your passion gets involved then nothing is too much trouble. I also learned a couple of great tips which I will be using in my next commission, so thanks for info David.

Paul Sanders

Landscape photography is a passion and is the hobby side of photography for me (yes, I do earn money from landscapes but it’s not my main field expertise) and listening to how Paul makes his living from this field is very inspiring and his work is quite simply stunning. Obviously, someone of this level is sponsored by some of the best companies but he has chosen them well and it’s a perfect partnership.

Gary Evans

High-speed videography! Video in the UK is 25 frames per second and here is Gary whose background in science who is filming reactions to chemicals amongst other things in thousands of frames per second, even showing samples of the worlds highest camera speed of a million frames per second (faster than the speed of light) WOW! This was the surprise talk for me because it was just so fascinating and also I was astounded at how intelligence Gary was, sort of wondering how it was possible to know so much (obviously chemistry wasn’t my thing).

Have a checkout of these peoples websites and although you won’t get the passion and enthusiasm come through the web like hearing them speak you will surely be amazed by their photography.

Terry Livesey
Photography is more than just a job, it's a passion! ● Advertising, Product and Commercial Photographer based in the Midlands.
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