Being interviewed for a podcast about photography

When someone asks you to do a podcast, you just go, ‘yeah sure’. Then, later on, you start to think about what you are going to say; is it all done in one take?; what if I swear? (because we all swear, just some more than others); what if I just go blank?. Luckily the only thought which didn’t come into my head was ‘Will I sound okay’, mainly because I do videos and get to hear my dulcet tones and have grown used to hearing them back. Well I’m pleased to say that the expertise of the interviewer really does help and they guide you through with carefully thought out questions and it’s their responsibility to keep the conversation going and make sure that they don’t get any blank expressions or moments and luckily Rich from Impact 9 is the perfect host and he has such a relaxed and calming mannerism that you just effortlessly have a conversation. Oh and it is all done in one take :O Oh and I didn’t swear (I think).

So if you’re ever asked to do an interview for a podcast then just do it!

Rich from Impact 9 IM9ACT is a social media expert who is taking a different approach to doing peoples social media … and I like it!

If you fancy listening to the podcast then head over to SoundCloud here

Terry Livesey
DT Studios Visual Marketing ● Advertising, Product and Commercial Photography and Videography based in the Midlands.
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