• Chroma Key / Green Screen – What is it for?

    Chroma Key / Green Screen / Blue Screen is a way for the sold colour background to be edited out in post production and replaced with some other video or information. Have a look at the video below as I demonstrate how green screen can be used in your marketing videos to make them stand […]

  • Newsletter – May 2017

    May’s Newsletter – Just click on the image to be take to the interactive web version.  

  • How photography can help you to create a memorable brand

    We’ve all heard the old adage: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. The truth is, it really is. Conferring the ability to convey a complex idea in a single snapshot, the right image can help to encapsulate what your business is all about more succinctly and successfully than pages of words will ever do. […]

  • The Radio Star (well not quite, but a great experience)

    Selfie of Terry with Dave in the Black Country Radio Studio

    The other day, I got asked to talk on the Black Country Radio afternoon show, which focuses on business topics and interviews. I’ve done TV and video but never radio, so of course I jumped at the chance! What a great environment — everyone is chirpy and very welcoming which, to be fair, is what […]

  • #studiolife – Photography studio set build for a waterfall

    An advertising product show which involves a waterfall build.

    Advertising photography requires all sorts of creativity and this day was no different. We wanted to create a waterfall background and instead of buying one, which probably wouldn’t do what we wanted anyway, I decided to build one. When thinking of this design in my head, I purposely didn’t build in a pump and decided […]

  • 10 Top tips on hiring a photography studio

    An infographic on 10 top tips on hiring a photography studio.

    ** Download the infographic at the end of this post ** There are plenty of benefits to hiring a photography studio. Not only are you in a purpose built space that is designed to optimise the quality of your photography, but you get to enjoy privacy, props, lighting and a creative space built entirely around […]

  • The importance of light in photography

    A selection of 4 images showing how light is used on the subjects

    Photography is all about light, and ways of using it to present an image. If we had no light then we would just have a black picture and if we had a flood of light, the picture would be pure white or at the very least, washed out.  Obviously I’ve taken that to the extremes, […]

  • Tips for your perfect headshot

    A selection of business headshot images to show styles

    Getting the right headshot is paramount for many professionals, especially actors and performers as well as those looking for business portraits. While the photographer endeavours to do everything right when it comes to angles, photographic quality and lighting, there are still a few tips you as the sitter can take on board. Whether you choose […]

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