Commercial Video

Video pretty much goes hand-in-hand with photography nowadays, so it makes sense that photographers offer video services and there's no exception here.

Areas of Videography that we cover:
  • Product Videos
  • Promotional - either for the company as a whole or just a service
  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • Training
  • Teaser Videos (short snippets for social media)
  • Explainer Videos (just like the autocue one below)
We provide the backbone services for the project:
  • Storyboarding
  • Script Writing
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Actors
  • Voice Over
Extra areas in which we have close working partners:
  • Animation - this can be: pure animation, mixed in with live action, or just for fancy Intro titles to your video
  • Whiteboard animation - this is great for getting a message across for a product or service
  • Aerial Photography - a fully licenced drone company can make some extra special shots for your business

Studio or Location

All of this can be done either in the studio or on location, making the whole experience as easy and flexible as possible.

Green Screen / Chroma Key

When you need a video done, you might want to consider using a green screen for your background. As you will see here, it is really easy to drop in video footage / stock footage or create graphics in the background, to add an extra dimension to your message.

If you already have someone for your video work and would still like to use green screen, then we offer this service in the studio hire as well (so that you can keep your chosen videographer).

Also at the end is a behind the scenes time-lapse of me creating the video.


­Presenting in front of camera is daunting enough, but when it's not your hobby or business and you need to present a professional image in order to get your message across, remembering your lines or reading from a script is just another headache you don't need. At the studio we have an autocue system and I explain how it all works in the video, it's very easy.

Also at the end is a behind the scenes time-lapse of me creating the video.