Professional Advertising, Product and Commercial Photographer based in Worcestershire

I have worked in the commercial photography industry for years specialising in understanding your target audience to make the most of your marketing and enhance your brand. I am a published author on the subject of photography, hold a distinction with the Royal Photographic Society and have won several awards for my photography.

Here you will find my personal work, projects, talks and training. For commercial work in photography and videography then please visit my commercial site.


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DT Studios


I co-own a Visual Marketing Agency where my commercial photography and videography come to life with an amazing team of skilled people.

You can view some of my favourite personal commercial work by clicking the button below.

Land & Sea


Getting up at 4am for that shot is not everyone’s cup of tea, luckily for you, I do it so you don’t have to. It’s okay, you can thank me later.

I travel all over the country and always try to find time to capture a landscape or two and in recent years I’ve also stayed local after being commissioned by the Tourist Board for a local calendar and I realised what beauty is on my doorstep.

Studio Style

Fashion & Portrait

Fashion photography is about creating something in which people stop and take notice and portrait is about creating a striking profile image.

This genre of photography is a mixture between commercial work and personal passion in creating something different and unique. Whether it’s working just with a model or a team of several the end results are always worth while.

The Lego camera man


Welcome to the world of the Lego Photographer!

These are a collection of scenes I have set up for social media using everyone’s favourite big kids’ toy . . . . Lego! This is just for fun but they all follow the story of Rory the adventurer on his journey to take a great picture, oh and not forgetting to make sure he takes a selfie as well.

Photos of Kidderminster


This is Kidderminster!

During my time here I have often just walked around the town taking photos as well as those which have been commissioned. Here is a selection of photos from Kidderminster for you to enjoy.

Latest Ramblings

Little snippets of information, something that inspired me or maybe just something that captured my attention are all the things you will find in these blog pages so feel free to have a mooch around them.