Tworkshophe Midlands is a beautiful place which provides plenty of opportunity to capture the magic that makes this country beautiful at any time of the year.


With all courses I provide, the focus is on the learning. I do not take any photos myself on the day (except from group photos on an iPhone) as it is about providing you with dedicated learning.

Poppies, Poppies Poppies - Landscape workshop courses

Landscape Workshops

Equipment needed

DSLR Camera
Fully charged batteries
Empty memory cards
Suitable clothing for outdoor and the time of year (incl. suitable footwear)
Suitable fitness – we will be walking to location which could involve hills, after a short car ride

Landscape workshop and courses. Daisy view , QuattOptional:

Remote Shutter Release

What you will learn

Within your chosen hours we will visit a local attraction and learn to use the camera without all of the auto features.

We will look at composition and light.

We will look at using filters and how they will enhance your image.

On the courses above ‘2 hours’ we will put time aside to look at your photographs on the computer and apply editing techniques, with image critique.

What is provided

Bottled water is provided on all courses.

On the courses above ‘4 hours’ we will also provide food. Dietary requirements will be asked on the booking form.

Prices for group workshops

Below are the prices for pre-arranged workshops which will contain a maximum of 8 people.

Forest Walk 4 Hour workshop  – £30 per person – ** FULLY BOOKED **
With the forest walk we will visit a more secluded spot of the gorgeous Wyre Forest. This will not only open your eyes as to what is classed as ‘landscape photography’ but will also help you focus on what is available in your surroundings.

Summer Landscape 8 Hour workshop  – £60 per person  – ** FULLY BOOKED **
Summer is great in Britain as you can never tell what the whether is going to be like. We’ll have a great time exploring the River Severn and surrounding areas. We will also look how to edit the photographs to achieve the feelings of the Autumn.

Autumn Landscape 8 Hour workshop  – £60 per person  – ** FULLY BOOKED **
Autumn is a beautiful time of year and this is your chance to be able to capture this magic period. We will also look how to edit the photographs to achieve the feelings of the Autumn.

All current group workshops are booked but if you are interested in a group workshop rather than an individual one then please contact me and we’ll see when we can put one on for you. Contactnow

Prices for one-to-one workshops and online booking

Soft morning light - Landscape workshops and courses.

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