A weekend outing to Wales – Part 2

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After about 3 hours of sleep (I think Gary had less, as apparently I snore), we got up ready to go and shoot sunrise at 04:20 in the morning.  Just as the sun started to rise, the clouds started to part on the horizon and drop rays of light all over the place, which was pretty awesome and I almost forgot to take a photo as I watched the clouds create a sun dance. The wind had also died down and it was lovely and warm at this unruly time of day.

The great thing about Penmon is the lighthouse which sits at the point; so of course I made the most of taking the photos to include it. After the main part of the sunrise was over, I then decided to switch to just photographing incidentals on the beach/rocks.

Now, part of the plan was to have breakfast at the cafe which is right next to the car park, but unfortunately it didn’t open until 10:00 and I don’t think we could wait that long, even if I could have just sat on the rocky beach soaking up the warm sea breeze and watching the dolphins swimming happily in front of me for hours. (I had put my camera away at this point and sometimes you just have to enjoy life in front of you!)

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