A weekend outing to Wales – Part 1

Although I haven’t posted any new landscapes in a while (over a year), it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been taken them. The truth is that I got in such demand with my commercial photography, I didn’t make time to edit the personal photos that I was taking, and as I hadn’t planned any gallery exhibitions this year, there seemed no rush to get off my backside and edit some.

Well, after a weekend away, taking a few photos in Wales, that all changed and I actually booked-in several days to finish editing all of the landscape pictures from the last year or so. These will be released over time, as I don’t want to spoil you all with lots of new images in one go 😀

So, where were we this weekend? Well, with a good friend and fellow photographer – Gary Noake – we decided to head off to Wales. This wasn’t just a whim and was planned, which is probably why the weather wasn’t the best! We decided to head off on the Saturday afternoon to Tan y Celyn which is in the Snowdonia National Park. The idea was for a great sunset and then some great astro photography at the top, without any city light pollution. Unfortunately, that was never going to happen…the clouds closed in and the winds picked up to 40mph, but that being said, I did manage to get a lovely photo looking down the valley, with a break in the clouds on the horizon and patches of light. I also managed to pick a sheltered spot from the wind.

Ogwen, Tan y Celyn, Snowden National Park, Wales

After this shot, I had basically decided to just enjoy the views but Gary had other ideas…we hiked further on up, battling the winds, and found a great little lake which had the water being blown down the mountain into it, as well as into us. As we crossed the little footbridge, it was required that we held on tightly to stop being blown off into the stream which was thundering down the mountain.

Gary was trying to brave the elements and capture a shot in-between breaks in the wind.
The wind-swept water heading down the mountain.
This gate spookily opened up for me as I approached it, so naturally I said ‘Thank you’ as I passed.
The clouds were closing in.
I just love the way the water is bubbling up due to the wind.
Gary posing for his ‘Photographer in action’ shot.
What would normally be a little trickle is now a fast-flowing stream.



Gary, finding the boggiest route up.

See Part 2 (at the seaside)

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