How photography can help you to create a memorable brand

We’ve all heard the old adage: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. The truth is, it really is. Conferring the ability to convey a complex idea in a single snapshot, the right image can help to encapsulate what your business is all about more succinctly and successfully than pages of words will ever do. Initial impressions count and that the right visual imagery can make an impact in seconds.

If you’re wondering how you could use commercial photography to build your brand, here are a few ideas you might find helpful.

1. Use it to introduce your team

More and more in modern business, individuals want to feel an affinity for the brands they buy from, and photography is one way of helping to convey corporate personalities in an instant. Properly styled and taken, high-quality shots can make your management team seem not only professional and experienced, but also friendly and pleasant, with welcoming smiles and smart suits used to create the perfect persona.

Team photo taken on location outdoors. Logs are in the background to signify what the company does.

2. Use it to sell your product

If you’ve ever bought anything from eBay, you’ll know that products which are advertised without an image are an instant turn-off and that those pictures that are poorly shot and unflattering are almost as bad. The same is true of your own goods. Your website should be showcasing them in the very best light, and this means flattering angles and the perfect lighting are essential. Pay a commercial photographer to capture them in a way that really plays up their good points, and matches the tone and image of your brand, and your customers will be sold as soon as they see them.

Bretling NAVITIMER GMT watch as a product shot in the studio with a black background and the case.Packshot photography of Lonsdale trainers on pure white background with shadow.

3. Use it to showcase your achievements

As we’ve already said, customers like to get to know the businesses they’re buying from, which is why so many websites now feature blogs. These are not complete without some high-quality pictures to accompany them. Whether it’s an event you’ve hosted or an award you’ve won, try to capture your highlights on camera in all of their HD glory, so that you can share these with your clientele and help to build a strong rapport and a brand personality. Like the stories told in glossy magazines, you’ll be selling an image to entice those whose custom will be beneficial to your company.

BNI 30th Birthday Bash awards Portrait showing off work recently completed.

4. Use it to tell your story

Last but not least, try using photography to tell your story. Rather than writing a thousand words, portray it in pictures; ones that go to the heart of what your brand is all about. Take snaps of the stuff that stirs passion inside of you, whether it’s the luxury cars you sell, the friendly customer service you hope to encapsulate, or the new high-tech office block that you’re so proud of. Capture what matters and you’ll have built a professional personality in an instant.

A carer hold the hand of a patient at a nursing home. Nursing home staff sitting chatting to each other in the garden. Spray booth in a fibre glass factory with two people finishing the pod.

If you’re still unsure about how the benefits of commercial photography could help you, or need assistance in forming your marketing message, your local commercial photographer could help. Contact Terry Livesey Photography today to get started.

Terry Livesey
Photography is more than just a job, it's a passion! ● Advertising, Product and Commercial Photographer based in the Midlands.
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