Painting the Studio

There are two scenarios which mean that the studio is painted:

  1. General wear and tear – marks and dirty finger prints.
  2. Customisation for a commercial shoot.

Therefore, if the walls get marked, they get touched up and eventually the main walls get a fresh lick of paint to brighten the whole place up. This happens every six months or so. Why paint so often? Photographing against the walls is much easier if we don’t have to edit all of the images to remove marks which naturally build up with daily use; it also makes for a speedier turnaround time for our clients, so it’s a win – win situation.

However if you are a commercial client, you can pay for the walls to be repainted after your shoot, enabling you to customise the area for your needs. This includes hanging pictures for a room set, fixing shelves to the walls, and painting the walls a different colour if required. We can also arrange the set-build as well, if you don’t have your own team. Flexibility is always a must in this industry, where creativity is the key to every project.

Below is a fun time-lapse of me doing some quick repainting ready for a new shoot the next day.


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Terry Livesey
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