Why you should consider working with a business photographer…

Commercial photography is hugely important in telling the story behind your business. Words can play a significant part, but as the idiom goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Whether you are looking for images for promotional, industrial, advertising or catalogue work, across web and print use, a business photographer is able to bring an informative, eye-catching and unique insight into your company with a professional, high-quality finish. This is important as it will help to give your buyer trust and confidence in what you do.

A lorry lifted up on portable lifts with studio flash used to light the underneath

With images of your work, whether you are within the industrial, engineering or manufacturing sectors, you can then use this business photography to produce brochures, display stands, flyers, business cards, or to use across your website. In using the images across a variety of marketing collateral, you are able to create a cohesive feel to your company, but can also tell a wider narrative.

Story-telling is important within business, even if it doesn’t feel as obvious as opening up a physical book. It is about drawing your customer into your history and inspirations, building a sense of loyalty and recognition in which they will then recall your business as their go-to provider for whatever service or product you sell. Through promoting your sector with industrial photography, you are able to tell this story while also showing the high level of craftsmanship that UK manufacturing has on offer.

Industrial photography - Logs being lifted from log pileA business photographer is skilled in working in all kinds of environments, hazardous or high-up, rural or at sea, and will be able to ensure your images capture the very essence of what you do regardless. The images will be able to explain how you work and show your processes, offering a clear 360-degree overview. Each image will be lit suitably, and enhanced with post-photography editing to draw the viewer’s attention to certain aspects. This can be done through adding shadows, drawing out particular features, highlighting certain colours, adding filters, image retouching, or blurring the background – among other edits.

Business photography is also a great way of showing all the people helping to make your business work, and can be used in your brochures or on your website as a way of documenting everyone in your team. This helps to put a name to the face, and enables your customers to feel as though they are familiar with whoever it is they’ve been speaking with. This can be especially important if your team is based across the globe, or if you have labourers in other countries that may not necessarily get heard about or seen usually.

Industrial Photography - Spraying Fibreglass mouldingWith industrial photography, there’s no need to worry about it disturbing the flow of your work processes. Business photographers are typically very discreet – in many respects, this is the overall goal as the more seamless they can be, the more natural and authentic the images will appear, and that is what the customer wants. They will be able to work within a busy factory or during the hustle and bustle of a docking ship, keeping out of the way while still using specialist lighting and capturing every shot that is required.

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